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Questions and Answers

How does a kid make quick money?

My little sister is a money freak, and she wants to know how to get it quickly. Our parents will not give her money. If you can help please do.

Posted by Colin

If she is looking to make some cash (couple hundred) here are my suggestions.

1. Look around for some old toys or games that she never uses anymore, but are still in good shape. Ask your parents to sign up for a pay pal and ebay account (if they don't have one) and ask them to help you list your toys and games for sale on eBay. Look around to see how much toys are selling for, and sell them for a few dollars less since it is new. Then watch people start buying and you get money.

2. Do chores. Ask your parents if you can do chores for a weekly allowance. That could get you some money.

3. Do a lemonade stand. Tecnically speaking, a lemonade stand is most likely a loss of money due to spending some money on the stuff, but then only selling for 25 or 50 cents. If you have little to no buyers, you lose money. However, if you get your parents to buy the stuff, you do make money.

4. Depending on if it is legal in your city (ask your parents) you could start a spray painting company. A can of spray paint costs a few dollars and you would ask your neighbors if they want their address spray painted on their curb to make it easier for people to see. You could charge $10 each and could spray paint the address on the curb.

Once you get money, Do NOT spend it all. If it is just a little bit, put it in a savings account. If it's some money, ask your parents to help you open a child Roth Ira. Roth Ira is where you put money into the account, lit it build by gaining interest, and by the age of 70, you could have a few million dollars in the account available to you.

How can I make quick money through creativity?

I'm a creative guy, I always come up with random cool ideas, and I like to build/fix/design things. Besides my part time job, I'm looking for a second source of income to help pay for my tuition. I appreciate any ideas, thanks a million!

Posted by Ahmed

Quick money, I'm not so sure… You could have a yard/garage sale yourself or get some friends together and have a large one. Look around at all the many sites online that sell for artists and create, put your work out there. Some are free until you sell, then they take a percentage. That's pretty much a waiting game though. Look at and check out the thousands of artists, of all kinds, selling their work, to get some ideas (not copy) on what they're doing and start up one of those shops. There's a page there called "Quit Your Day Job" that is so inspiring!!! They only charge $ .20 cents per listed item for a 4 month period. You can't beat that! Many talented people there are selling there work. They have many tutorials on "how to" do everything you'd like to know on how to make money creatively! Best wishes on your trek.

How can i make some money quick?

Schools coming really soon and i have no money, babysitter never called me back and my parents don't want to spend their money on this years purchases cause of the economy.i don't want any stupid answers like be a "hooker! Or a prostitute" i need some ideas so i can at least make some money so i can get supplies and everything. Thanks and for the ideas creative ones would be good too ! :D.

Posted by Kendra W

Hi Kendra W, I have some ideas for you to make money.i will put them in point form for you.

Also you could go to a golf club and ask to be trained as a caddy,even girls can be caddys and this is an ok job.Also ask if you can work as a volunteer and learn that way, untill you get a paid job with them later on

1 Baking food and selling it to friends or neighbours,or the elderly people and you can get tution at community centres,or from parents,or a quick course at college.Make pom poms and learn to sew clothes you can make money buy selling them,get tuition from people who know like grandparents,home economics teacher,etc.
2. Lawnmowing.You can ask the neighbours or anyone in town if they would like you to mow there lawn.If they got a lawnmower you can do it.You can get money and ok job.
3 Gardening( just basic stuff like pulling up weeds and plant seeds,etc its very easy when shown how to do.You can do this for the elderly people they would appreciate it/ but try to find the elderly or older people who are not mobile/have trouble doing this work and then they can give you a paid job.
4 Honey collecting.Ask neighbours or people in the town if they keep bees and collect honey. If you have NO Fears of bees stinging you, you can collect honey from peoples bee farms.You can request the head gear and gloves so you will be ok if careful.But if scared please dont attempt this.
5.Aluminium can collecting, If you collect lots of aluminium cans and crush them and fill them in sacks you can take them to a recycling depot and get money for them, i used to do this a long time ago.If you dont have a recycling depot in your town try to ask for the nearest town that has one,Look then up online. If none then you might have to travel to get to nearest city with parents or if your old enough then you can make your own way to nearest depot.
6. Online games.Give your opinion about playing games online.IGo to google and then find a free to enter website that lets you download games and then you play them, give your opinion of them and get paid.
7.House/Flat cleaning, just very basic cleaning for neighbours , mopping dusting, vacuuming etc, if you think this is too hard work or dont like it etc there are other options.
8.Coach cleaning. Cleaning seats and interior of coaches /buses if you know the local bus/coach depot ask them if they can give you a little paid work to clean them.
9. Online surveys, Some companys pay some money to fill out surveys online.It could be just for anything like giving them your opinions on foods,make up, or any other survey.Its easy to do.PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE FREE TO ENTER SURVEYS AS OTHERS COULD BE SCAMS , JUST TO BE SAFE GO FOR FREE TO ENTER ONLY.
10. Collecting antiques. Ask your parents or neighbours or anyone if they have very old antiques, or old statues,old paintings or anything else they dont want,and once you got some you can take them to the antique shop and sell them.
11.Sell your things to the Second hand stores. If you have anything good you collect and that you can let go of and wish to sell like records,cds,tapes, or anything of value you can get money for them.
12 Garage sale. Similar to number 11, sell your stuff on a table outside your home and get some money.But only the stuff your willing to let go of, must be good quality though and nothing broken etc.
13.Rare Butterfly Collecting . This is an odd job and can be hard to get money with, but you can. All you need to do is buy a net with a long handle attached to it. And go outside and catch butterflys in the net,then put them in a jar with holes in the lid so they can breathe. BUT TO GET MONEY FOR THIS YOU MUST FIND THE RARE TYPES OF BUTTERFLYS AND IF YOU DO CATCH THEM YOU CAN GET VERY BIG MONEY. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHICH BUTTERFLIES ARE THE RARE ONES, GO TO THE LOCAL LIBRARY AND GET A BOOK ON RARE BUTTERFLIES. OR LOOK THEM UP ONLINE.ONCE YOU FIND A RARE BUTTERFLY LOOK UP ONLINE FOR BUYERS OF RARE BUTTERFLIES.
14. Window cleaning. You can clean windows for the old people in your area or the neighbours etc.and make some money.
15. Online Competitions or Online Games . There are many online just type paid competitions into google and find them. You can make a little money with this.Be CAREFUL OF SCAMS ONLY CHOOSE FREE TO ENTER COMPS.
16. Teach English to foreigners.Get some tuition from your english teacher to do this as not as easy as it sounds,as i used to do it and made ok money.
Well Theres a few for you to choose from if you need more ideas just let me know, Bye take care highest wishes to you.From Darren.

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