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How to make quick money?

Ok i have to makeabout $180.00 as fast as possible cuase i want a 360, but im only 12. Kinda hard…

Posted by xbox7196

I agree that being 12 does make it hard to make money because you certainly cannot work for an employer but that doesn't make it impossible. Once you set your goals you have a much better chance of achieving them and that's true at any age. What I see as the problem in your question is the term "quick money" … Are you talking overnight, within a month, within a year??? The more realistic you are, the better your chances to reach your goal.

So, you're 12. There are alot of things you cannot do. You cannot sell alcohol, tobacco or firearms. That's just the law. Other than that, you have alot of products and/or services that you can sell.

Your local library will have a number of books written for teens and tweens that can give practical advice on running your business, which outside of moving to Mexico or China, is your only choice. Lots of kids choose to mow lawns, wash cars, babysit and do all kinds of things but if you think outside of the box, you will find some great ideas using your own time and talents… And you literally CAN make ALOT of money.

There's a group called Junior Achievements that works with young adults like yourself. Check out the link below.

Think about washing windows, recycling, selling hard to find items, website design, running a bookstore online, or even performing (clown or other character) for parties or corporate events.

When you do what you love, the money will follow!

How can I make some quick money?

Im and staying with my Grandma this summer and I would like to have some money for my trip to Chicago and to buy some xbox 360/PC games.

And please dont give me links to websites, I just want straight answers. Most of the website just have mazes of pages and tons of advertisments…
I dont really have a time frame as long as its atleast within a few weeks. And I'm 14 so NO loan-y bank credit adult stuff lol.

Posted by Nathan

How quick, what is your time frame?

If you want to make money sell your games, xbox etc and use that free time to learn a trade, that is how you can make some money.

Help with earning quick money?

I need some money quick. I have a job that i make good money at but its seasonal..doesnt open till march. My other seasonal job just ended for the year. I need some money quick and im not picking up another job when the one i have now doesnt pay well enough and my other one doesnt start until march. Im 17 and babysit but its every other week. Any ideas?! Thanks:)

Posted by Isbeel

It only takes a few easy to follow steps to start making quick money. One of the best parts about this is that all of your business work is done on the internet and can be dont completely from the comfort of your home computer. Not only is it done from home but it also is free for you so you dont waste time or money on anymore silly online products.

Making Quick Money-Step by Step Process

The process for you to start making quick money is through affiliate marketing. Every time that a customer buys a product you will receive percentage of the earnings. It is similar to earning a commission as a sales person at a car dealership earns. The best part of it is that instead of a small percentage you will earn closer to 75% of each sale. So if a product costs $100 then you can easily be getting $75 of that without ever having to talk to a customer or even ever contact them.
You get credited for each product sold so you automatically get paid. No longer will you have to deal with paychecks and pay companies. In fact as soon as the sale is made you get paid right then and it is all easily sent to you as one large check.

The most important thing is that you do not give up. Just take the initiative right now to go ahead and get started. Just get started now so you dont waste any more of your time before you can start making quick money.

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