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25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money

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How can i make quick easy money?

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The more distastefull the work the quicker and easier the money is, assuming you have no skills in the financial world (where there is big money)

You could do 2 or 3 jobs to get quicker money – day job, bar job at night and weekend job. That will give you quick money. Easy money? No such thing, sorry.

How to make quick money?!?

I am aprox. 13, and need to get money… And quick. Please no rude answers. Please do not say lemonade stand, bake sale, garage sale, or any online stuff. I can't mow lawns, and I am about to go to a babysitting "class" Please help! THanks so much!

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Well, since you've ruled out almost every way that young teens actually can make money, you are almost out of options.

Many states allow people your age to have a newspaper route. You didn't rule that out, so why not try that.

In my state, teens 12 and older (with their parents' permission) can get farm jobs doing corn detasseling during the summer. It is hot, itchy agricultural work featuring lots of sunburns and bug bites, early morning hours and rude bosses, paying low agricultural wages, but for some reason young teens are allowed to do it, and some actually manage to make enough money for school clothes that way.

DON'T fall for any of the spam that claims young teens can "make money" at various internet websites. They are scams.

How to get quick money?

I need money fast money! I am not old enough to get a job yet, but I am getting my license soon and I want a car. Not necessarily new, but my parents are willing to only pay 1500 and I want a car that is worth more than that. I need help! Any quick ways? No online surveys, please!

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If you're old enough to drive, then you're old enough to get a Job as a cashier/waiter or something along those lines to get SOME money…I know Eat'n Park lets you work there at 15… a bunch of energy drinks, gum, and candy to sell at school if allowed considering they are a big hit. Do you have any kind generous friends or family members that you can cut grass, snow shovel, babysit or wash cars for who will probably give you some money? If you excel in a subject, let teachers know you are interested in tutoring other students who may be having a little trouble. See if you have any little cousins, siblings, or friends siblings who you'd be trusted to babysit. Compromise with your parents for you to do laundry, clean up a certain room, or snow shovel and they pay you at your reasonable offering. As a kid, I would act really loud and annoying and never shut up then say, "if you give me 10 dollars I won't talk at all for an hour" and I'd do so and get my money. If you can sing or play an instrument well, go out to a public area and show your skill while keeping out a hat or something and people may donate…go around and ask friends and family for spare change to help you save for a car…bake something to sell at a school event for a bake sale or at a sports event. I hope this helped.

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