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How to quickly send money to USAA account?

I have a USAA account that automatically takes out money for loan repayment, but almost all of my funds went out of my account due to a mistake when paying for housing. I am supposed to get the money back, but my loan payment is set to happen in about 3-4 days. I have cash money and money in a different bank account sufficient enough to cover the cost, but how can I get it into my account fast(especially considering the coming up holiday).

I'm trying to add my USAA account to the other for transfer but it's supposed to take a little while. There's got to be some way I can send money QUICKLY.

Posted by Matt

The fastest way is also the most expensive and that is a wire. Go into your other bank/credit union and wire the money. I would also go onto and set up your other accounts so you can transfer to and from them so you dont need to be in this situation in the future. Your in a tough spot because the cost of the wire is about the same as the overdraft fee.

You can write a check from your other account and do a mobile deposit (picture with your phone), but usaa may put a hold on some of those funds.& you can only use that service if you have investment accts with them.

The last option I can think of is to ask someone that you know with a usaa account and ask them to call up with you and transfer the money from their account to yours. Of course you can just give the person the cash.

I hope this helps.

Do I spend money too quickly?

Ok so on my birthday (June 21st) I received about £160 bringing my bank account to £230. As of today I'm down to £7. I don't think this is that awful; my mum thinks that proves I'm bad with money. Help.

Posted by Ellesse

Depends what you are spending it on, I guess. Though I do have to say, my brother is much worse than you with his money in that time frame.
What I have done since I was about 13 is:
I have one bank account for miscellaneous incomings and outgoings (everyday) and another for savings which I take absolutely nothing out (trying to build a nest egg). This way you can save a bit seperate to your other money and is an added security if something bad happens to your main account ( like your card is stolen or something…
You will have to have a bit of control to stop yourself from taking any out and putting some in. Even if it is only a bit each month it'll add up.
I also set myself an imaginary red line for my 'every day' account so that I ensure I don't eat too much into it.

It's something to try 😉

How to make money quickly?

I need money by the 30th of this month. Basically 144$ are there any quick ways that I can make even a bit of money? I mean I just need to know things that I can do in such a short time.
I'm 14 and I need the money by thursday. So i'm pretty sure these spam email things wont work for me.

Posted by TerraFirma

Well, you could try babysitting, mowing lawns, washing cars, walking dogs, doing some chores for your neighbors and your family.

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