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'Confab delegates should push for wealth creation to douse conflicts' – The Guardian Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria'Confab delegates should push for wealth creation to douse conflicts'The Guardian NigeriaBut when we talk about federating units, it should not stop at having a weak centre; it should involve having a synergy that will create wealth faster. When you have only six federating units, the cost of governance will reduce and free up resources …

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What is "Spreading the Wealth"?

With the Voting Americans Idea that something for nothing is good.

The government and lenders put a package together that would give the Voting American what they wanted even if they could not afford to make the payments.

During that time new home construction was at a record high every one profited from it. All the way from the office clerk in Home Building companies to the heads of financial Empires. The workers at Drive In fast food restaurants profited from this record setting home building. Everyone was doing well. Business was good every where.

The Economy was doing VERY good and on a roll to doomed failure.

Now that the something for nothing has come to an end everyone is paying for it.

Could this be "Spreading the Wealth".

Please read the details of the Question before answering.
Thank you.
So lies from McCain is "Spreading the Wealth".
Thank you for your answer.

Posted by Innocent

'Spreading the wealth" is taking 3 words out of context and twisting them to political end.

Here's the full quote:

Obama responded. "My attitude is that if the economy's good for folks from the bottom up, it's gonna be good for everybody … I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

All he said is he wants everyone to be doing well from bottom to top. Nothing there about taking from the top to give to the bottom.

Most effective way to build a good muscle structure?

I'm 15, 5 8' and way around 123+ (not exactly sure) but its somewhere around there.
What are some ways I can build muscles fast, what foods, techniques, vitamins ect.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by


First I would like to congratulate for your decision of bodybuilding, it is a best option a going to be man could take. Health is wealth.

There is no magic of building muscle unless you take steroid. Don't go for that at this age. Go natural.

Hope you have no underlying ailment. I don't know your body structure but you are at growing age so it is very easy to gain muscle fast if you go correct.

I suggest go for compound and without weight lifting exercises for at lest six month better one year.
Do parallel bar dips, push ups, free squat, close grip chin ups. If you insist do some biceps curl and triceps extension and shoulder press with barbell.

Take natural and protein and fat rich diet. Stay away from fast food. Right now you don't need any supplement unless you are not taking sufficient substantial food. If you take enough gree vegetable and fruits then you don't need any vitamin or mineral, have enough water no, not coke, don't let you be thrusty. Enough rest and sleep at least eight hours at your age you may need more sleep.

Don't do exercise more that three days a week and don't split your routine do full body workout. Give your body plenty of rest to recover from workout.

That's all my friend. Be happy enjoy your exercise and don't over do. Complete your workout within 45 minutes.

Best wishes.

I need to become rich and fast, any REAL IDEAS?

Not trolling! I've looked for jobs but I'm a teenager the jobs I'm given are so crappy like mall jobs etc bad pay too! Need to help my family.

Posted by Lizzy!

NO ONE becomes rich fast, and keeps it. Start by taking ANY job you can get. Then spend LESS that your income, whatever that is. If you do that over time, you will build wealth by default. If you don't, you will never build wealth, regardless of your income.

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