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New knight scoped out ways to build wealth – The Press

The PressNew knight scoped out ways to build wealthThe Press"It is not something you do on your own, it is something that everyone makes a contribution to." The Canterbury manufacturer had a clear goal in his life. He aspired to wealth. "People always assume I was rich, but when I was young my family wasn't …

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What are the most common ways to build wealth?

I want to make money and build wealth but i dont know HOW,what are any ways to do that ?investing ?real essatate ? HELP.

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HEY SEXY! :) Build stocks. Also, if you have a good idea, entrepreneurship. Stocks and smart investing and inventing something can all make one very wealthy! (or bankrupt). Choose investments wisely! Usually making a business purely for the intent of getting rich doesn't work. Have good intentions and brains and it will work out :)

Can anyone help me develop a layout for building wealth.?

I was not raised with knowledge of money and am actively seeking how to build wealth and maintain it please help.

Posted by Shawn

Whatever your earning spend half save or invest half in mutual funds, blue chip stocks, or real estate and gold equally In addition if u have wealth you will be the wealthiest person in world.

Earn a lot spend little do help for others be simple in life your wealth is enviable
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How does one build wealth?

I'm 17, and I know working will make you money.. But how do you build wealth… The richest people in the world didn't get rich from working their whole life. So obviously it's not how much you make that matters it's what you do with what you make that matters. So what does one do to acquire wealth in their life.
I know the fundamental is to invest your money in income producing assets such as Real Estate (being a landlord for example), Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, and other types of investments, like starting a business. But is that all there is to building wealth? Cause it seems impossible. Especially at 17 years old,
Great answers so far, thank you :)

Posted by JohnTheCanuck22

I swear i just googles that exact same question before i read your question! And it isn't the first time……
From the research i've gathered i conclude that:

i) if you are better educated you earn more, so this is important

ii) you MUST learn to save money in any way possible. A lot of mult-millionaires shop at Asda and Tesco and they don't spend as much as you'd think. The younger you learn to save, the more of a head start you'll have.

Iii) As you said, investing in bonds, stocks and commodities, especially long term investments, will make you money and are less riskier than dancing in and out of investments (learnt that line from warren buffet on youtube!) If you interested in business, research it and find out what you like the most and what you won't get bored of.

You have a bit of time, but watch out, when you hit around 20, the years fly past you!
I'm 24 and am starting to take life seriously. I've started working hard and saving my money so i can invest it in import and exporting to the UK, Mauritius and China. When i was your age i didn't care much. I'd say you're already on the right track.

Nothing is impossible my friend, trust me. Have faith in yourself, get educated and do something that you genuinely like doing to make money. Acquiring wealth takes time and effort. Be patient and work hard, never be discouraged.

Take care and good luck bro.

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