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When i will become Rich?

Posted by vasanth v

You will become rich with ur hard work only
but in what terms you want to rich that differs
if u want to rich in money than there r several ways by hook or crook
but if u want to be rich in money,respect,character and name and fame then the only way is HARD WORK.
And hard work by heart.

How to start becoming rich?

So my grandfather is a millionaire and i'm probably going to get some of his money. Not alot though. And my mother owns a small trailer park that gets small income. I'd like to know how I can continue to make money on my own and maybe get a bit wealthier in the future. I am 14 years of age. My Grandfather used to be in the real estate business and that's how he became fairly wealthy. Maybe I should look into that?

Posted by Shani

How to start becoming rich? It's wonderful that you are looking ahead enough to ask this when you are just 14! I can give you 7 simple steps to being rich all your life. (Note that I did not say "easy," just "simple." If you don't understand the distinction now, don't worry. Someday you will.)

1. Become a person of integrity, treating everyone fairly and doing what you believe is right, even when something else would be to your advantage.
2. Seek more to love than to be loved. When love does come your way, cherish it as an unearned gift.
3. Do work in which you find meaning in the way it benefits others, and concentrate on doing it the best you can.
4. Try to be content with what you have. If you must seek to have more, let it be because of the good you can do for others with it.
5. Be kind to those who have fallen on hard times, without judging them harshly for mistakes they may have made. Hope that people will be kind to you when it is your turn to stumble.
6. Enjoy life, but never forget that all life ends in death. You will take nothing with you when you die.
7. Learn that being "rich" is not the same as "having a lot of money."

If you do these things, you will truly be richer than most people I have ever known.

When i will become rich?………..?

When i will become popular?…………

Posted by Nandan Kumar

You can become Popular by your good work and personal qualities.
But to become rich, the best way is to become Politician.
You can make billions within 1-2 years.
But if you are honest, you will never be able to become rich. You may just be able to support your family somehow.

The Secret Millionaire Society

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