how to become rich

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.

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Which is the best way to become rich?

Posted by MELANI X

If you really want to become rich, then begin by evaluating your work habits and work environment. That's how most millionaires made their first million. According to Dr. Srully Blotnick, a psychologist and consultant who spent 20 years studying how people became rich, most millionaires didn't make their money in real estate, the stock market, or waiting for their ship to come in.

They made theirs, instead, through their business or profession. They became so good at their job that they made quite a bit of money. Then, and only then, did they turn to real estate and stocks as sites to invest and grow their money. Even then, their basic business continued to produce the bulk of their gains; their investments usually produced only mediocre results by comparison.

There's a monumentally important lesson to be learned from the hundreds of millionaires that Dr. Blotnick studied for 20 years. The lesson is this: If you really want to become rich, invest in yourself first; invest in real estate, stocks, and other ventures later. Dr. Blotnick divided this into two stages:

· The first takes place when you're consumed by a business or profession that you enjoy so much that you would do it for nothing.

· After it pays you enough income, you enter the second stage. This is when you become a bona fide investor. You start thinking of and looking for opportunities to use your surplus income.

To set yourself and your career on track, evaluate yourself by answering these questions about:

<> liking your work:

· How much do I really like my job?

· Does my job bring out the best in me?

· Has it caused me to do more than I ever thought I could do? If you answered any of these questions in the negative, consider a job or career change.

<> determining if your work is right for you:

· How can I tell if I really like my work?

· How do I know if I'm doing my work right?

· How do I know if I'm doing the right kind of work?

The best way to determine that is to apply these test questions:

· What would I do for free?

· Am I enjoying my work so much that time seems to fly by?

· How would I like the work to be done if I were on the receiving end?

· What would I do if I didn't have to support myself, but did indeed want to work?

· What work would I do if my doctor told me that I had only five years more to live?

<> considering my financial rewards:

· Am I contended with my current income?

· Am I in position to influence a change in my income?

· What if the work I enjoy doing doesn't pay very well?

If you're satisfied with the first two, then I say, "Hang in there! You're on your way to becoming rich." People who became rich did so because they persisted. Only a personal involvement with what you enjoy doing will produce the kind of persistence that propels you out of bed in the mornings and makes you willing to work long and hard.

<> investing in yourself:

· Am I developing my skills, talents, and abilities?

· Have I made a plan that will help me to develop them?

· Am I constantly improving my relationship with others?

· Do I ask my co-workers for feedback about my performance?

Investing in yourself means developing both of these aspects: the technical knowledge you need in order to do your work effectively and the human relations skills you need in order to work effectively with others. Mr. Joseph Brooks, CEO at Lord & Taylor, once said, "If you love your work, and do it well, someone will spot that … Let the quality of your work do it for you."

Conclusion: To become rich, do it your own way. Rely on your own talents, skills, and abilities. Invest them in a business or profession that you enjoy doing very much. Invest in your personal growth and development. Become the very best at what you do at your work even if it pays you little right now. If you really like what you are doing, eventually a fat salary will catch up with your reputation. The bottomline is persistence. Become an expert at relating well with others.

Remember: When you maximize your potential, everyone wins. When you don't, we all lose.

How can I become rich?

I have a BA college degree in Spanish & no one wants to hire me. I'm tired of living on disability checks. I wanna be productive & work. I have student loans & debts to pay off.

Posted by Question Queen ?

Becoming rich can be summed up in one word. DISCIPLINE!

Do not spend money on things, just because you want them. Do without the frills, and invest the money that you saved.

Write down 5 things that are an absolute necessity for life. Cable, cell phone, internet, etc. Do not fall into the category of necessities, rather luxuries.

If you smoke, quit. If you smoke 1 pack per day, and it cost you $4/pack, that equates to $1,460/yr that went 'up in smoke'.

Eat at home and don't eat out. Watch how much money you will save per week doing this.

Above all else, if you haven't already done such, establish a monthly budget. Know where your money is going.

I know this sounds foolish, but it is nothing that I don't tell my clients who ask me the same question you did. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will you accumulate your wealth overnight.

Stay disciplined, and set a realistic goal for yourself, as to when you want to be come 'rich'. Until then, be content with what you have, and save, save, save. Pay off highest interest bills first, and take that money you save, and pay off the next bill. No vacations (unless it is something that doesn't cost money), movies (other than what your library might offer for free), etc. Until such expenses are taken care of.

How a man become rich?

Posted by gajender_524

Someone become rich by inheriting their fathers’ legacy. I think it’s an ideal way to become rich by working hard. I met some rich men at millionairematch, most of whom become rich by them.

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