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Instagram 2.0 Could Let Users Remix Shots With Words And Doodles (psfk)

Taking a photo and sharing it on Instagram is an undeniably popular thing to do, but for those who want to exercise a bit more creative control, look no further than Studio Design. Version 2.0 of the app, created by designer Joe Wilson, comes complete with filters and plenty of vector-based embellishments such as text, frames, crops and designs. You can also play off other people's designs, which makes it just as appealing for those who aren't overflowing with original ideas.
Unlike the original idea, version 2.0 makes it easier for people who struggle to start from nothing to get involved with the app. It achieves this with a feature called "remix," which allows you to use another person’s design, with the caveat that you're forced to use one of your own images. This was done not only to prevent bullying, but also to encourage dynamic "conversations" that could potentially go on forever within Studio Design.

Talking about the community using the app so far, Wilson told _TechCrunch_, "They’re not designers, not photographers, not artists but they’re creating things,” says Wilson. “Our goal is to have the largest community in the world of people creating.”
For those …

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Questions and Answers

How can i earn extra money?

I am trying to save for a granny-flatt so i can live away from my mum but without having to move out completely… I have a par time job but i can only work about 10 hours a week as i am studying year 12 i worked it out and its going to take me 12 months saving $500 a month…

Can anyone think of a way i can earn some extra cash?

Posted by candy xx

If you are only trying to earn just a little extra cash and not a whole lot, you can try GPT or survey sites. It's pretty much the only other way I know of to earn money other than a job. Just know it doesn't get you too much, just about $40 a month.


How To Earn A Little Extra Money?

Well now that I'm growing up, I want to spen my weekend's with friends shopping. I don't want to keep asking my mother and father for money so I want to try to earn a little extra money. I asked to do a Paper Round but so many teenagers are doing it they said they didn't need anymore. Please could someone help?
I'm a Teenage who needs a typical teenage job.

Posted by

Depending on how old you are perhaps you could do a little babysitting for neighbours, even once a week would bring you enough money to go shopping with your friends on Saturday. My son does car washing on an ad hoc basis but you have to do a good job or you wont get asked back. Another of his friends breaks up cardboard boxes for a couple of shops in the town..its all about putting yourself about and asking shops if they need any work. Delivering leaflets is also an option but its hard work for little money so I wouldn't recommend that.Its also a matter of being in the right place at the right time, I wish you luck.

Ways to earn extra money?

I've been calculating up my college expenses for the year and will need about $6000. I already have a job, I make about $250 a week, but that goes to my horse bills and gas, etc. And once I start up school I won't be able to work full time, probably only 1-2 days a week.

How can I earn extra money, like to cover my horse's shoes and such over the winter, and buy food, books, etc. While at school.

I'm spending this semester at a school close by, but for the spring I'm transferring to a school 9 hours away.

What can I do, like are there internet sites or something (that are real, I know a lot are phonies). Well, that's all I can think of, I sell stuff on amazon and ebay, but I only have about $800 from that & I'm running out of things to sell.
It doesn't have to be easy or online, but I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to it.

Posted by Lillian

I would suggest that you sign up for a temp agency as well as doing some kind of online business. Temp agencies can give you a flexible schedule, extra money and helps to build your resume. They will actively find work for you while you are going about your life because they get paid when you get paid. Some even have work at home opportunities. I temped all the way through school and the best thing was that if I couldn't work all I had to do was to call in and tell them I wasn't available and there was no problems because that's the nature of the business. If I didn't want to work for a few months I just told them to put me as inactive, if I suddenly needed money I called them to get some immediate work assignments. During the summer you can combine that with internships or they might have some internships for you. It can also lead to a full time job if and when you are ready. If you don't have a car choose one that has assignments that are accessible to public transportation.

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