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Liar, liar, pants on fire! – Philippine Star

Liar, liar, pants on fire!Philippine Star… Names of at least 120 Senators and Congressmen whom if Napoles is to be believed, these lawmakers were instrumental in her crooked money making venture that made her a super millionaire or billionaire using fake NGOs so they could get money from …and more »

The Secret Millionaire Society

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How to become a neopet millionaire?

Hey, i was wondering how to become a neopet millionaire. Is there any easy way to get millions or rare items just by doing something. Plz answer. I will choose you as best anser if your way gets me tons of np. All i really want is paint brushes and morphing potions. Help!

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Play lots of games and hope you get the best amount of points from each one!!!

How many apple developers have become millionaires?

How many apple developers (programmers for the ipod touch, iphone, ipad) have become millionaires?
The only person that i know is the creators of the game Doodle-Jump…
Any others?
Or atleast give me a number…
Like 1,000 people have become millionaires by doing this…
Or give me a list…
K thanks
KlemKiddleHopper, you're clearly wrong, there are several millionaires. The makers of doodle jump are millionaires:

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ONLY Apple itself has become a billionaire – no one else that developes software

has even come near a million – Apple buys the patent, software and the person.

How do you become a neopets millionaire?

I need np…

Posted by Distance Runner

Restock a lot. Buy items in the main shop and resell them in your shop. Play games to give you enough np to restock.

Try to save part of what you gain in your bank account everyday.

Another way to find item to sell if to seach the shop wizard for a certain item, and if you see someone underpriced their by a lot, but it and sell it in your shop for the going price.

The Secret Millionaire Society

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