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How To Make Fast Money Online 2014

Questions and Answers

How does a kid make quick money?

My little sister is a money freak, and she wants to know how to get it quickly. Our parents will not give her money. If you can help please do.

Posted by Colin

If she is looking to make some cash (couple hundred) here are my suggestions.

1. Look around for some old toys or games that she never uses anymore, but are still in good shape. Ask your parents to sign up for a pay pal and ebay account (if they don't have one) and ask them to help you list your toys and games for sale on eBay. Look around to see how much toys are selling for, and sell them for a few dollars less since it is new. Then watch people start buying and you get money.

2. Do chores. Ask your parents if you can do chores for a weekly allowance. That could get you some money.

3. Do a lemonade stand. Tecnically speaking, a lemonade stand is most likely a loss of money due to spending some money on the stuff, but then only selling for 25 or 50 cents. If you have little to no buyers, you lose money. However, if you get your parents to buy the stuff, you do make money.

4. Depending on if it is legal in your city (ask your parents) you could start a spray painting company. A can of spray paint costs a few dollars and you would ask your neighbors if they want their address spray painted on their curb to make it easier for people to see. You could charge $10 each and could spray paint the address on the curb.

Once you get money, Do NOT spend it all. If it is just a little bit, put it in a savings account. If it's some money, ask your parents to help you open a child Roth Ira. Roth Ira is where you put money into the account, lit it build by gaining interest, and by the age of 70, you could have a few million dollars in the account available to you.

How can I make quick money through creativity?

I'm a creative guy, I always come up with random cool ideas, and I like to build/fix/design things. Besides my part time job, I'm looking for a second source of income to help pay for my tuition. I appreciate any ideas, thanks a million!

Posted by Ahmed

Quick money, I'm not so sure… You could have a yard/garage sale yourself or get some friends together and have a large one. Look around at all the many sites online that sell for artists and create, put your work out there. Some are free until you sell, then they take a percentage. That's pretty much a waiting game though. Look at and check out the thousands of artists, of all kinds, selling their work, to get some ideas (not copy) on what they're doing and start up one of those shops. There's a page there called "Quit Your Day Job" that is so inspiring!!! They only charge $ .20 cents per listed item for a 4 month period. You can't beat that! Many talented people there are selling there work. They have many tutorials on "how to" do everything you'd like to know on how to make money creatively! Best wishes on your trek.

How can i make some money quick?

Schools coming really soon and i have no money, babysitter never called me back and my parents don't want to spend their money on this years purchases cause of the economy.i don't want any stupid answers like be a "hooker! Or a prostitute" i need some ideas so i can at least make some money so i can get supplies and everything. Thanks and for the ideas creative ones would be good too ! :D.

Posted by Kendra W

Hi Kendra W, I have some ideas for you to make money.i will put them in point form for you.

Also you could go to a golf club and ask to be trained as a caddy,even girls can be caddys and this is an ok job.Also ask if you can work as a volunteer and learn that way, untill you get a paid job with them later on

1 Baking food and selling it to friends or neighbours,or the elderly people and you can get tution at community centres,or from parents,or a quick course at college.Make pom poms and learn to sew clothes you can make money buy selling them,get tuition from people who know like grandparents,home economics teacher,etc.
2. Lawnmowing.You can ask the neighbours or anyone in town if they would like you to mow there lawn.If they got a lawnmower you can do it.You can get money and ok job.
3 Gardening( just basic stuff like pulling up weeds and plant seeds,etc its very easy when shown how to do.You can do this for the elderly people they would appreciate it/ but try to find the elderly or older people who are not mobile/have trouble doing this work and then they can give you a paid job.
4 Honey collecting.Ask neighbours or people in the town if they keep bees and collect honey. If you have NO Fears of bees stinging you, you can collect honey from peoples bee farms.You can request the head gear and gloves so you will be ok if careful.But if scared please dont attempt this.
5.Aluminium can collecting, If you collect lots of aluminium cans and crush them and fill them in sacks you can take them to a recycling depot and get money for them, i used to do this a long time ago.If you dont have a recycling depot in your town try to ask for the nearest town that has one,Look then up online. If none then you might have to travel to get to nearest city with parents or if your old enough then you can make your own way to nearest depot.
6. Online games.Give your opinion about playing games online.IGo to google and then find a free to enter website that lets you download games and then you play them, give your opinion of them and get paid.
7.House/Flat cleaning, just very basic cleaning for neighbours , mopping dusting, vacuuming etc, if you think this is too hard work or dont like it etc there are other options.
8.Coach cleaning. Cleaning seats and interior of coaches /buses if you know the local bus/coach depot ask them if they can give you a little paid work to clean them.
9. Online surveys, Some companys pay some money to fill out surveys online.It could be just for anything like giving them your opinions on foods,make up, or any other survey.Its easy to do.PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE FREE TO ENTER SURVEYS AS OTHERS COULD BE SCAMS , JUST TO BE SAFE GO FOR FREE TO ENTER ONLY.
10. Collecting antiques. Ask your parents or neighbours or anyone if they have very old antiques, or old statues,old paintings or anything else they dont want,and once you got some you can take them to the antique shop and sell them.
11.Sell your things to the Second hand stores. If you have anything good you collect and that you can let go of and wish to sell like records,cds,tapes, or anything of value you can get money for them.
12 Garage sale. Similar to number 11, sell your stuff on a table outside your home and get some money.But only the stuff your willing to let go of, must be good quality though and nothing broken etc.
13.Rare Butterfly Collecting . This is an odd job and can be hard to get money with, but you can. All you need to do is buy a net with a long handle attached to it. And go outside and catch butterflys in the net,then put them in a jar with holes in the lid so they can breathe. BUT TO GET MONEY FOR THIS YOU MUST FIND THE RARE TYPES OF BUTTERFLYS AND IF YOU DO CATCH THEM YOU CAN GET VERY BIG MONEY. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHICH BUTTERFLIES ARE THE RARE ONES, GO TO THE LOCAL LIBRARY AND GET A BOOK ON RARE BUTTERFLIES. OR LOOK THEM UP ONLINE.ONCE YOU FIND A RARE BUTTERFLY LOOK UP ONLINE FOR BUYERS OF RARE BUTTERFLIES.
14. Window cleaning. You can clean windows for the old people in your area or the neighbours etc.and make some money.
15. Online Competitions or Online Games . There are many online just type paid competitions into google and find them. You can make a little money with this.Be CAREFUL OF SCAMS ONLY CHOOSE FREE TO ENTER COMPS.
16. Teach English to foreigners.Get some tuition from your english teacher to do this as not as easy as it sounds,as i used to do it and made ok money.
Well Theres a few for you to choose from if you need more ideas just let me know, Bye take care highest wishes to you.From Darren.…

how to make quick money

25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money

GTA 5 1.14 I'm Not a Hipster Update: Ultra Quick Money Glitch With BMX Bike … – Yahoo News UK

BREATHEcastGTA 5 1.14 I'm Not a Hipster Update: Ultra Quick Money Glitch With BMX Bike …Yahoo News UKIt requires players to have a bike and BMX and can be used to rake in some quick cash. Here is how it works. Start the game, get onto your motorcycle, have a friend hop on as well. Make sure that it is set to passengers only. Park it outside your …'GTA 5' Cheats, Patch Notes for PS3, Xbox 360: 'I'm Not a Hipster' Update …BREATHEcastall 65 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

How can i make quick easy money?



The more distastefull the work the quicker and easier the money is, assuming you have no skills in the financial world (where there is big money)

You could do 2 or 3 jobs to get quicker money – day job, bar job at night and weekend job. That will give you quick money. Easy money? No such thing, sorry.

How to make quick money?!?

I am aprox. 13, and need to get money… And quick. Please no rude answers. Please do not say lemonade stand, bake sale, garage sale, or any online stuff. I can't mow lawns, and I am about to go to a babysitting "class" Please help! THanks so much!

Posted by

Well, since you've ruled out almost every way that young teens actually can make money, you are almost out of options.

Many states allow people your age to have a newspaper route. You didn't rule that out, so why not try that.

In my state, teens 12 and older (with their parents' permission) can get farm jobs doing corn detasseling during the summer. It is hot, itchy agricultural work featuring lots of sunburns and bug bites, early morning hours and rude bosses, paying low agricultural wages, but for some reason young teens are allowed to do it, and some actually manage to make enough money for school clothes that way.

DON'T fall for any of the spam that claims young teens can "make money" at various internet websites. They are scams.

How to get quick money?

I need money fast money! I am not old enough to get a job yet, but I am getting my license soon and I want a car. Not necessarily new, but my parents are willing to only pay 1500 and I want a car that is worth more than that. I need help! Any quick ways? No online surveys, please!

Posted by 😀 😀 iamhappy

If you're old enough to drive, then you're old enough to get a Job as a cashier/waiter or something along those lines to get SOME money…I know Eat'n Park lets you work there at 15… a bunch of energy drinks, gum, and candy to sell at school if allowed considering they are a big hit. Do you have any kind generous friends or family members that you can cut grass, snow shovel, babysit or wash cars for who will probably give you some money? If you excel in a subject, let teachers know you are interested in tutoring other students who may be having a little trouble. See if you have any little cousins, siblings, or friends siblings who you'd be trusted to babysit. Compromise with your parents for you to do laundry, clean up a certain room, or snow shovel and they pay you at your reasonable offering. As a kid, I would act really loud and annoying and never shut up then say, "if you give me 10 dollars I won't talk at all for an hour" and I'd do so and get my money. If you can sing or play an instrument well, go out to a public area and show your skill while keeping out a hat or something and people may donate…go around and ask friends and family for spare change to help you save for a car…bake something to sell at a school event for a bake sale or at a sports event. I hope this helped.

how to make money quick

25 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money

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Finders of hidden cash make quick work to pay it forward – KMBC Kansas City

Finders of hidden cash make quick work to pay it forwardKMBC Kansas CityThe people behind the campaign started hiding money in Kansas locations five days ago, giving clues to the location on Twitter and encouraging the people who find it to use it in ways that help others. The finders located Wednesday afternoon's prize …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Any good ways of making money quick?

I know that quick money isnt good money and all that. But basically im an apprentice and the wage is really low! I thought that I'd be able to manage but i really cant. I cant afford to run my car that gets me to work, i feel awful because my boyfriend always pays for us to do things. I just wondered if there were ways that i could boost the wage that im already on, like a couple hundred pound a month? I really love what im doing but it will last like another year and a half and im seriously considering quitting just so i can earn more money working in a shop or anything! Any advice? Thank you :)

Posted by GobSmackingGoodness

Quick money is just as good as slow money.

Can you get a part-time job?

Good ways to make money, quick?

I'm looking for some ideas on how to make some extra money. Outside of my 9-5 and freelance graphic design…what are some good ways to eearn some extra cash???

Posted by fridaygraphix

It depends upon what you think quick it….some companies claim they can earn you money quick and they want you to invest alot of money up front…and you could be scammed. Other companies can potentially help you make a great amount of money but like any business it takes awhile for that to build. The company that I'm doing business with requires NO money up front. So there's no need to worry about being scammed. And they deal with major companies so you know that you are working with a legitimate company. You can work it in your own time. You will never be tied down. :) You never have to sell anything. It's called My Power Mall. When you join you get your own business website for free and you also get your own online mall to shop at and save money at. So basically you are giving away these online malls where other people can get money back for items they buy every day. It makes great sense to me! 😉 The company is quite new so not everyone will have heard about it already. You could build an amazing organization and receive a monthly income from it. So, contact me if you are interested in this. I can tell you more.


How to make quick money!!!!!?

Hi im i desperate need of money i want something super easy and very yyyyyy well paying online or off and how otm make quck cash.

Posted by B

First theres no quick money unless you own multibillion dollar corporation like donald trump. Second you have to work your way up to make lot of money theres no such thing as online quick money unless if its scam. So you want to make money get a job.

Binary Matrix Pro…

make quick money


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GTA 5 Online 1.14 I'm Not a Hipster Update: Ultra Quick Unlimited RP Glitches … – International Business Times UK

International Business Times UKGTA 5 Online 1.14 I'm Not a Hipster Update: Ultra Quick Unlimited RP Glitches …International Business Times UKA discerning GTA 5 tipster, RevizV2, has revealed a quick and easy way to make unlimited RP via GTA Online missions such as Stocks and Scares. This particular mission … Change the setting to hard in order to get 1.5 times extra RP and cash. Now start …

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Runescape 3 – Fast money making guide – Blue Dragons

Questions and Answers

How to make quick money?

Ok i have to makeabout $180.00 as fast as possible cuase i want a 360, but im only 12. Kinda hard…

Posted by xbox7196

I agree that being 12 does make it hard to make money because you certainly cannot work for an employer but that doesn't make it impossible. Once you set your goals you have a much better chance of achieving them and that's true at any age. What I see as the problem in your question is the term "quick money" … Are you talking overnight, within a month, within a year??? The more realistic you are, the better your chances to reach your goal.

So, you're 12. There are alot of things you cannot do. You cannot sell alcohol, tobacco or firearms. That's just the law. Other than that, you have alot of products and/or services that you can sell.

Your local library will have a number of books written for teens and tweens that can give practical advice on running your business, which outside of moving to Mexico or China, is your only choice. Lots of kids choose to mow lawns, wash cars, babysit and do all kinds of things but if you think outside of the box, you will find some great ideas using your own time and talents… And you literally CAN make ALOT of money.

There's a group called Junior Achievements that works with young adults like yourself. Check out the link below.

Think about washing windows, recycling, selling hard to find items, website design, running a bookstore online, or even performing (clown or other character) for parties or corporate events.

When you do what you love, the money will follow!

How can I make some quick money?

Im and staying with my Grandma this summer and I would like to have some money for my trip to Chicago and to buy some xbox 360/PC games.

And please dont give me links to websites, I just want straight answers. Most of the website just have mazes of pages and tons of advertisments…
I dont really have a time frame as long as its atleast within a few weeks. And I'm 14 so NO loan-y bank credit adult stuff lol.

Posted by Nathan

How quick, what is your time frame?

If you want to make money sell your games, xbox etc and use that free time to learn a trade, that is how you can make some money.

Help with earning quick money?

I need some money quick. I have a job that i make good money at but its seasonal..doesnt open till march. My other seasonal job just ended for the year. I need some money quick and im not picking up another job when the one i have now doesnt pay well enough and my other one doesnt start until march. Im 17 and babysit but its every other week. Any ideas?! Thanks:)

Posted by Isbeel

It only takes a few easy to follow steps to start making quick money. One of the best parts about this is that all of your business work is done on the internet and can be dont completely from the comfort of your home computer. Not only is it done from home but it also is free for you so you dont waste time or money on anymore silly online products.

Making Quick Money-Step by Step Process

The process for you to start making quick money is through affiliate marketing. Every time that a customer buys a product you will receive percentage of the earnings. It is similar to earning a commission as a sales person at a car dealership earns. The best part of it is that instead of a small percentage you will earn closer to 75% of each sale. So if a product costs $100 then you can easily be getting $75 of that without ever having to talk to a customer or even ever contact them.
You get credited for each product sold so you automatically get paid. No longer will you have to deal with paychecks and pay companies. In fact as soon as the sale is made you get paid right then and it is all easily sent to you as one large check.

The most important thing is that you do not give up. Just take the initiative right now to go ahead and get started. Just get started now so you dont waste any more of your time before you can start making quick money.

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How to Build Wealth Fast - Health - Split Up Your Money and Build Wealth Faster ...

'Confab delegates should push for wealth creation to douse conflicts' – The Guardian Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria'Confab delegates should push for wealth creation to douse conflicts'The Guardian NigeriaBut when we talk about federating units, it should not stop at having a weak centre; it should involve having a synergy that will create wealth faster. When you have only six federating units, the cost of governance will reduce and free up resources …

Questions and Answers

What is "Spreading the Wealth"?

With the Voting Americans Idea that something for nothing is good.

The government and lenders put a package together that would give the Voting American what they wanted even if they could not afford to make the payments.

During that time new home construction was at a record high every one profited from it. All the way from the office clerk in Home Building companies to the heads of financial Empires. The workers at Drive In fast food restaurants profited from this record setting home building. Everyone was doing well. Business was good every where.

The Economy was doing VERY good and on a roll to doomed failure.

Now that the something for nothing has come to an end everyone is paying for it.

Could this be "Spreading the Wealth".

Please read the details of the Question before answering.
Thank you.
So lies from McCain is "Spreading the Wealth".
Thank you for your answer.

Posted by Innocent

'Spreading the wealth" is taking 3 words out of context and twisting them to political end.

Here's the full quote:

Obama responded. "My attitude is that if the economy's good for folks from the bottom up, it's gonna be good for everybody … I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

All he said is he wants everyone to be doing well from bottom to top. Nothing there about taking from the top to give to the bottom.

Most effective way to build a good muscle structure?

I'm 15, 5 8' and way around 123+ (not exactly sure) but its somewhere around there.
What are some ways I can build muscles fast, what foods, techniques, vitamins ect.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by


First I would like to congratulate for your decision of bodybuilding, it is a best option a going to be man could take. Health is wealth.

There is no magic of building muscle unless you take steroid. Don't go for that at this age. Go natural.

Hope you have no underlying ailment. I don't know your body structure but you are at growing age so it is very easy to gain muscle fast if you go correct.

I suggest go for compound and without weight lifting exercises for at lest six month better one year.
Do parallel bar dips, push ups, free squat, close grip chin ups. If you insist do some biceps curl and triceps extension and shoulder press with barbell.

Take natural and protein and fat rich diet. Stay away from fast food. Right now you don't need any supplement unless you are not taking sufficient substantial food. If you take enough gree vegetable and fruits then you don't need any vitamin or mineral, have enough water no, not coke, don't let you be thrusty. Enough rest and sleep at least eight hours at your age you may need more sleep.

Don't do exercise more that three days a week and don't split your routine do full body workout. Give your body plenty of rest to recover from workout.

That's all my friend. Be happy enjoy your exercise and don't over do. Complete your workout within 45 minutes.

Best wishes.

I need to become rich and fast, any REAL IDEAS?

Not trolling! I've looked for jobs but I'm a teenager the jobs I'm given are so crappy like mall jobs etc bad pay too! Need to help my family.

Posted by Lizzy!

NO ONE becomes rich fast, and keeps it. Start by taking ANY job you can get. Then spend LESS that your income, whatever that is. If you do that over time, you will build wealth by default. If you don't, you will never build wealth, regardless of your income.

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How to Build Asset

Create a Dynamic Building Asset Using Cinema 4D's Xpresso ...

Leading Financial Consultant Cherif Medawar To Host Asset Protection Webinar – Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)

Leading Financial Consultant Cherif Medawar To Host Asset Protection WebinarVirtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)Medawar has been working with a team of CPAs and attorneys to develop strategies to protect his clients' assets and those of his students. Medawar is nationally recognized as one of the best asset protection consultants for real estate investors in the …and more »

Questions and Answers

What are a bank's assets?

In context of what the definition of a reserve requirement is (the % of assets they have to have in currency form). Are a bank's assets like other company's, the buildings, stocks they have etc.? Or is it all the money that's been deposited into it by people who have accounts with the bank?

Posted by

The Building, Stocks, etc… Are bank assets; while also including their accounts receivable (loan interest, etc…). In the case of emergency (need of liquid equity) the bank can sell off it's loans-thereby making them, in themselves, an asset. A reserve requirement is needed to back up the amount that people have deposited. This proves that in case of collapse they have enough equity to pay-off their customers.

How to build best money asset allocation?

Posted by d123

Your asset allocation depends on many things including how long you are investing for and your risk tolerance. Take the quiz at Vanguard to determine what percent to put in stocks vs bonds. The target retirement funds at Vanguard are good consideration. IFA has another asset allocation quiz that you might also like. It applies mainly to their funds, but many Vanguard funds can be substituted for their funds.

I like index funds. Because of their broad diversification, you are less likely to have a dramatic drop in value. They also have the lowest expenses. For money put in stocks, I would suggest putting ~70-80% of your money in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund. And ~20-30% in a foreign stock index fund. However, there are many different opinions out there on what the best mutual funds are.

Real estate is another way to diversify. Buying a house instead of renting will save you a lot of money in the long run. You don't have to pay rent and you build equity in your house instead. Buying rental property can also be a good investment. However, being a landlord can be hard work, and many people are not good at it. If you don't know how to handle deadbeat renters, you can have trouble.

How can i built my asset column?

Okay, so I just finshed reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad". The book is basically about how to be rich, investing, and how to manage your financial life wisely. If anyone has red this book can build my asset column. I am only 16.

Posted by I Do The Questions Around Here!

Assets would be things you own. House, car, stocks, bonds, cash, etc. At 16 your assets may only by a savings account.

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How to Build Wealth Quickly

How To Build Wealth Quickly

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Are you Tweeting Your Customers? – Call Centre Helper

Are you Tweeting Your Customers?Call Centre HelperThey research online before they buy and share a wealth of personal information, including their experiences with brands on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites. … It listens out for people mentioning their organisation – it responds by …

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to get out of debt quickly?

Posted by peekaboo

Well, if you are not talking about unlikely occurrences like bankruptcy, winning Lotto or getting an inheritence; the answer really depends on you and what do you call quickly. I am assuming that quickly at least means less than one year. Then that also depends on what how much debt you have compared to your income. So your question needs a little more detail.

But since I don't know your exact situation here is how I advise my clients. The following is an excerpt from my book Minimum Payment Due: 23 Ways To Get Out Of Debt, Build Wealth and Live Well:

Debt Reduction Simplified
Do not begin this program until you have your Murphy (rainy Day)Fund saved for emergencies. Next take care of your utilities or small no interest bills first. Then, start with the smallest amount you owe and work your way up to the largest. Finally commit to stop creating more debt. Cut up all your credit cards except the one for emergencies. But most importantly:

1. Cut your expenses and commit 10% of your income
towards debt reduction ($150-200 per month is a
great goal)
2. Apply that extra amount towards your debt. You
will pay the Minimum Payment Due on the
smallest bill plus the extra $150-$200.
3. Pay the minimum towards all the rest of your bills.
4. Once that first debt is paid off, begin to pay off the
next smallest debt. You are now paying the
minimum amount due on the second debt plus the
minimum amount due that you were paying on the
first debt, plus the extra $150-$200 per month.
5. When your first credit card is paid off, you now can
use that for emergencies. You may also think about
raising the deductible on your car insurance, which
will reduce your payments and give you more money
towards debt reduction. If you have an accident
you can use the credit card for the deductible and
then pay it off as soon as possible.
6. Continue this process all the way until your largest
debts. Which I assume is your car and mortgage.
You may want to consider not being in such a hurry
to pay off your mortgage. After most of your consumer debt
is retired turn your attention to saving and investing.
7. Most people find this process will only take
anywhere from 5-10 years. It could be even less if
you commit more money than the $150-200.

8. Please, please notice that although you are
continually reducing your debt, the amount of money
you are applying to your debt does not change
from month to month

After you retire all or most of your debt:
With the money you were using to pay off your debt– you
can now use it for your 401k plan, invest in your own business or education, put the kids through school or any of your real financial dreams.

If you (or anyone reading) would like a free e-copy of my book just email me and I will send you the adobe file. It includes a chapter that will help you estimate exactly how long it will take you to get out of debt.

Hope that helps!
-U.D. [email protected]

Ineedthe location,boundaries,physical features,forest wealth,occupations,humanlife,important citiesofg.britain


Posted by oswald_2091

Get an economic Atlas of GB, NOT A ROAD MAP, you should be able to find one at your local library. It's that building in your town that has books that you have to read.

Building Wealth in the US?

How does one go about building wealth in living good when it comes time for retirement. What are all the necessary steps you need to take to make this a reality?

Posted by Melo

The firs thing you need to realize is that there is a difference between wealth and being rich.
Rich is having lots of money. But wealthy is having more money then you need to spend to continue living your current lifestyle without the need to work.
An example of this would be that while "rich people" may earn over a million dollars a year income, after taxs, living expenses, the reality is that they are broke and if they lose that income their houses and cars get repoed quickly and they lose everything. Think doctor or sports professional that wins SuperBowl and then is living out of thier car in 3 yers.
Wealthy on the other hand refers to people who CAN pay thier bills without working for the rest of thier lives. THink $1,000.00 a month in bills and $2,000.00 a month in income.
SO your first goal should be to create enough PASSIVE income to cover all your normal bills.

How to Start Building Wealth

How to Start Building Wealth at a Young Age: 8 Steps

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Moving £100k interest-only mortgage with six years left to repayment sees … – This is Money

Daily MailMoving £100k interest-only mortgage with six years left to repayment sees …This is MoneyThe Council of Mortgage Lenders revealed today that banks and building societies have now met a commitment they made a year ago to contact those with interest-only mortgages they will need to clear by 2020, amid fears some will be unable to repay their …Warning on interest-only mortgagesThe Courierall 24 news articles »

Questions and Answers

Shall we go back to basics…..How does a nation build wealth traditionally? How did the USA become rich?

And why are we starting to lose our wealth as a country now??

Posted by jesswzmn

"How does a nation build wealth traditionally?"…… "How did the USA become rich?"

Greedy capitalist

" Why are we starting to lose our wealth as a country?"

Lazy compassionate socialists

EDIT Sorry you do not like it but it is true…… Socialism is the anathema of capitalism …..socialism creates social stagnation… Reduces productivity….. There has never been a socialist nation that could survive without the introduction of capitalism…..America was built by wealthy capitalist….almost all our hospitals, universities, research center, libraries, cultural centers…..etc, etc ,etc were built and paid for by the wealthy…. We started losing our wealth when we decided to punish the wealthy and that everyday people had a "RIGHT" to things they never worked for or paid for…..when in the name of "compassion" we started redistributing wealth….
….giving money to people who did not earn it ….punishing those who did earn it…..we have "minimum waged " ourselves into spiraling inflation and higher production cost then accuse CEO's of being "greedy" when they are FORCED overseas just to survive in the world market
Why are we losing our wealth? Trillions of dollars are going overseas every year ……. There 40,000 Americans living in Costa Rica alone we have literally millions of Americans living "overseas" because they can not afford to live in America
….that is billions of retirement dollars flowing into foreign nations…. We keep millions of American troops and their families stationed around the world for no legitimate military reason….again billions of dollars flowing out and nothing flowing in….. Almost 8 billion US dollars are sent out of the country annually by illegal aliens alone…. There is over double that being sent home by "legal' foreigners working in America
….. All of it going out nothing coming in…..Lady Liberty has both her wrists cut and she is bleeding to death…..and we are worried about Happy Meal toys
MERLIN…..You must be kidding…. You can not logically say Japan is more productive than America because it is "healthier"..ergo we need socialistic free medical care
You totally discount that Japan has no military….. The largest single segment of the American budget…… You totally disregard that Japans health is based on a TOTALLY different set of genetics……diet and lifestyle….. There are thousands of factors…. You completely disregard… fraudulently make a political point….. Shame.

How do you start an advertising agency?

Posted by Mario E

How to Start an Advertising Agency
By Randy Wilson

An Advertising business opportunity on the Internet is just exploding with possibilities. This is one of the most profitable endeavors available in the field of Internet advertising. If you have advertising experience and know even the basics of Internet, you have potential to start your own advertising business on the Internet.

There are many areas of the Internet that need to be learned before starting your advertising business opportunity. Multi level marketing, or MLM, is one way of generating advertising and sales at the same time. MLM is a system that allows someone to collect commissions on their own sales as well as on people they recruit under them. This used to be known as pyramid schemes.

MLM has become very popular with product sales, helping the organization build wealth by paying commissions on multiple levels. The concept from an advertising point of view is great, the more motivation you have to recruit people to sell your product, the more your product is out there on the market. Some examples of companies that use MLM are nutritional product lines, make up product lines, and home decoration lines.

Multi level marketing has been around for years and not likely to go away anytime soon. Focus needs to be clear however on what the drive is for the company. If your focus is only on recruiting people to recruit more people, then your product sales are going to suffer. When your product sales suffer, your business as a whole suffers and then no one wants to be a part of the industry. Keep your focus when dealing with MLM with your advertising business opportunity.

Ezines are another emerging way to get a product or service out to the public. Ezines, or electronic magazines, are usually specialized to a certain areas of interest. This is very much like conventional magazines. However, advertising in ezines is low-cost and even occasionally free. Another advertising business opportunity that is wide open.

Ezines in themselves will need advertising to get their word out. A perfectly written ezine does no one any good if no one knows that it is out there to be seen. Finding an audience for your ezine may be easier than you think. Make sure when going into ezines that you know your material and that the writing is concise and accurate.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a proven method of advertising on the Internet and a field, which is very much in demand at this time. SEO is a system of writing web content that uses specific key words and phrases that will pull the page up when that keyword or phrase is typed into any of the search engines. Knowing how to effectively use keywords to get a site recognized is critical for small businesses on the web.

When you open a search engine such as 'Yahoo!' or 'Google', and type in the phrase Internet advertising, you will get a list of results. Those results are formulated by the words Internet and advertising. Sites that have those two words incorporated consistently throughout the site will come up on the list. These lists are in order by the most hit on sites at the top of this list. Of course, that is where you want your advertising business opportunity clients to be.

Educating your self on these concepts and a few more will allow you to start marketing your Internet advertising business. Becoming an Internet business advertising consultant to companies who are looking to expand their presence on the web is a first step in building your reputation and presence in this field.

You must have a well-written profile centered on your Internet advertising experience and an up to date resume'. Businesses today are being inundated with new, and sometimes bogus, advertising opportunities and you need to stand out above all those other offers. Keep your presence, online and in the field, professional at all times and make sure you can deliver what you promise. With those things in mind, you should be successful.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

How can i start to invest?

I am 19 and i want to start to invest my money but i have no clue on where to start do i need a stock broker or something like that? And how can i decide which stock is gonna be profitable also if you have any other ideas on where to invest my money feel free to add other ideas thank you.

Posted by Micheal

You should start building you wealth slowly. I am assuming that you don't have any savings at all at this point. I would therefore start by investing in basic investment products such as savings accounts, CDs and the like. These only give you a small return, but will help you build some starting capital.

To keep building this starting capital, I would recommend using the "pay yourself" method by setting aside some of your income every month (e.g. 20%). You will be surprised how fast money will add up.

When you have built some savings, e.g. 2000$, you can venture into more advanced categories of investing, such as mutual funds (I only recommend ETFs such as Vanguard). I would discourage you of investing in individual stocks because you can't diversify with small amounts. These ETFs (exchange traded funds) will buy you a piece of a diversified stock or bond portfolio and you don't have to do the individual stock picking. To that end you should open an account at a discount broker such as Charles Schwab or e-trade.

Hope this helps!

Please also check out my blog on Http://

The Secret Millionaire Society

How to Build Wealth Slowly

Want to Build Wealth? Get Your Priorities Straight | Wealth Gathering

Binary Matrix Pro

10 questions with Pamela Eibeck – Stockton Record

10 questions with Pamela EibeckStockton RecordBut the biggest achievement is our moving forward to becoming a three-city university, where we build on our strength in Stockton to also have a more robust presence in Sacramento (home of Pacific's McGeorge School of Law) as well as San Francisco …

The Secret Millionaire Society

Questions and Answers

Wealth advice for a 19 year old?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this question. I was hoping someone in their 30s and older can provide me with some insight on how to build up my wealth starting at age 19. It can be something that you wish your parents have told you earlier or something you learned through life or wealth principles you swear by.

What advice do you have to share: Maybe invest in a RothIRA account, the stock market, real estate, money saving habits?

Feel free to comment.
I know it is kind of difficult to provide wealth advice since I am not able to provide an accurate summary of my current financial status. Maybe just give some general advice or books you recommend?

Posted by Yahoo

I think it's great that you are thinking about this. Here are 6 rules I wish my parents had given he insight on.

1) If your employer has a 401k and matches any of your contributions, TAKE IT!! It is free money to you and will double the amount you save. If you start investing now at 19 the likelihood of you being a millionaire when you turn 65 is very likely.

2) Direct your employer to to put 10% of your income into a savings account. This will force you to save money for a rainy day and make it easier to get a mortgage with a sizable down-payment or a nice big screen TV etc.

3) While investing, make sure you also put away at least 3 months worth of salary in case of a layoff of major unexpected bill.

4) Avoid debt like the plague. Paying interest on anything just destroys wealth instead of growing it. Get one credit card use it but pay it off immediately. Don't let your significant other touch it either. Lol. Seriously.

5)Since you have a lot of time ahead of you, try investing heavily in Stocks right now. We may have had a downturn, but stocks historically have outperformed any other investment as long as the duration is long. After hitting 35 you can start slowly funneling your money into bonds and later in your 50s Treasury Bills and CDs.

6) For the love of God, learn how to make a budget and stick to it. Every dollar you earn should have a place and every expense you have should be accounted for, plus extra just in case. Never allow your budget to get strained either (living paycheck to paycheck.) You never know when that unexpected life occurrence will break the camel's back.

Wealth is built using discipline, research, luck, and a lot of time.

At 19 you have a lot of the most important ingredient. Good Luck.

What we should do to be rich in a few time?

Posted by deyar

The best way to get rich quick is to not try to get rich quick. You have to build up your wealth slowly. People who get over anxious to build wealth quickly are great targets for the thousands of get-rich-quick schemes that exist in the world today.

Hope that helps


How can i start to invest?

I am 19 and i want to start to invest my money but i have no clue on where to start do i need a stock broker or something like that? And how can i decide which stock is gonna be profitable also if you have any other ideas on where to invest my money feel free to add other ideas thank you.

Posted by Micheal

You should start building you wealth slowly. I am assuming that you don't have any savings at all at this point. I would therefore start by investing in basic investment products such as savings accounts, CDs and the like. These only give you a small return, but will help you build some starting capital.

To keep building this starting capital, I would recommend using the "pay yourself" method by setting aside some of your income every month (e.g. 20%). You will be surprised how fast money will add up.

When you have built some savings, e.g. 2000$, you can venture into more advanced categories of investing, such as mutual funds (I only recommend ETFs such as Vanguard). I would discourage you of investing in individual stocks because you can't diversify with small amounts. These ETFs (exchange traded funds) will buy you a piece of a diversified stock or bond portfolio and you don't have to do the individual stock picking. To that end you should open an account at a discount broker such as Charles Schwab or e-trade.

Hope this helps!

Please also check out my blog on Http://

How to Build Wealth from Nothing


Binary Matrix Pro

Austerity/Immiseration Capitalism: What Can We Learn From Venezuelan … – Truth-Out

Austerity/Immiseration Capitalism: What Can We Learn From Venezuelan …Truth-OutThus new draconian plans are afoot in Italy, France and Germany, while in the UK, with almost a quarter of the population living in poverty, the ConDem government is systematically attempting to undermine the welfare state, including the National …

Questions and Answers

Getting wealth from nothing. Wealth building.?

I read something about getting wealth from nothing. Not a business or a job but wealth building.

The idea that you can bulk buy something and sell it individually ( for a small profit ) and then use the money to bulk buy something else etc etc. And you keep going and you accumulate wealth.

Like you bulk buy some coffee and make individual bags and sell them. Is this a good way to make money and does it work ? Has anybody tried it and if so what are great things to bulk buy.

I realise that this question is all about money but please don't reply with any spam ok ? ( or is that too much to ask ?)

Posted by The Thinker

Yes you can but you have to find a way to avoid competition with the big boys or else your margins will be too thin or you could get wiped out. Of course you know that there is no reward without risk but avoiding the obvious risks is a good start!

One way to avoid competition would be to do this in a place where money is scarce – like in Russia the first year after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Another way to avoid competition is to have a niche business where you offer a highly specialised service that other people don't want to do but for which there is demand. Take a look at eBay where you will see thousands of people doing this. I have been able to find spare parts for 50 year old pieces of equipment that way.

However, your posting is about wealth building. It is very hard to get rich this way because you also need an income. The cost of running your business and the time you spend on it will eat into your profits. The reason why Russia was such a goldmine is that there was no cash in the economy and the banks did not lend so that the market was open to anyone who already had a few pounds or dollars. I don't think the eBay seller who had parts for my loudspeaker is going to get rich. He is probably just covering his costs.

Women's wealth?

If you are interested in building wealth and you are a woman, I have found an amazing site for you! You should be located in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

Check it out!

Posted by TessaB

Well i live in toronto but i know nothing about the stock market nor do i have any money to invest in it.

How do i build up my self esteem and confidence?

This past 2 years i been going through a lot. I been talked about and ridiculed so badly that i almost commit suicide. I am still kind of depressed. I dont want to go no where or do nothing cause i know people are going to talk about me or look at me funny. Some people think i am mean and stuck up but I am not much of a social person and some days i feel so bad about myself i dont want to speak. I want to be happy i am tired of being down in the dumps. Even though people will still say stuff about you I want to be able to recover from it and wont let what people say get me down.

Posted by ♫

You can wipe it all away when you create unstoppable happiness. That is happiness that comes from you and doesn't depend on the opinions of others, on you wealth, beauty, or position in society.
I made some successful moves in a foreign country and gained a beautiful house with a killer view. I was making good money and was famous and respected. Yet, i was not happy in life because something was missing.
Later I lost all of that and barely had money to eat and barely managed to hang on to a place to live and to stay out of jail for embezzlement I didn't commit.
Everything crashed. One friend stuck by me and gave me a chance for some drudge work pulling root-stocks out of his orchard. It was brutal work and I had to cook in a hole in the ground. Two potatoes and a small piece of bacon. There I was beaten and bloodied, but those two potatoes were the best meal I ever ate because I was still free.
The friend, who was a wealthy architect came by and wanted to share in the bacon. His wife held him back and i could see that he envied my freedom of nothing left to lose, but enjoying the small things in life.
Later I realized that I had more self-esteem and confidence than many of those wealthy people who always had to abide by convoluted rules and got sick doing it.
Back in the USA, I ran into a method of training the mind that enables predictable control of life and offers solid winning techniques for overcoming problems. The amazing thing is that it doesn't involve changing my life of beliefs and it is FREE.
Here is a short summation and a link.

Create Unstoppable Happiness
By Generalist-2010

There are two main causes for imposing human suffering.
The first one is the idea that lives are separate from each other. We know about the carbon cycle, the water cycle, the oxygen cycle and that we all share them. We know that humans share DNA from a small group from Southern Africa. Yet, we act as though our lives were not affected by what we do to others. Great teachers have repeatedly told us we must be considerate of others. We agree, and do the opposite. Why?
The second reason is the dependence on an outside power for salvation of our lives. The rationalizations for imposing suffering related to the wishes of an omnipotent deity are endless in variety. If an act is not the fault of the actor, but the wishes of his deity, the cruelty will not stop.
The standard techniques like Yoga and Tai Chi work pretty well to center people on their own lives. Some parts of Landmark Education help because it is so much like CBT. These methods work for people who are reasonably squared away and only need some expert help with their issues.
The really troubling aspects of being more in control, or less depressed, require deeper cleaning than those methods can accomplish.
Not Yoga, not great circumstances, not Tai Chi, not CBT can deal with disturbances that come from childhood priming. That priming is buried deep in survival decisions and does not yield to the same old conventional concepts.

To reach and dissolve negative priming, the most powerful medicine is required. That medicine is the unvarnished truth of life that only the enlightened, or the desperate, are willing to accept.

A person with deep issues has to get down to the bottom facts of reality and make them an integral aspect of how shehe approaches life. That person also needs an experienced support group. The reason most of us have problems is that we hide from the truth and conventional words alone cannot bring a person to face it.

The basics are not hard to find, they are just hard to follow because they dispense with magic, with salvation, with comforting lies and with time diversion.

1, We are all connected with everything and each other. Life is both material and other than material. Many, many teachers have expounded on this subject. They are mostly ignored because we keep acting as though our lives stop at our skins.
2. Causes produce effects. It is not always apparent because of time lags between the cause and the effect, yet nothing seems to be lost in the shuffle.

3. Although events are constantly shifting, the essential truth of life remains consistent.

4. The denial of the basic realities results in delusions that create misery. Humans need to focus their intention and energy on these basic realities in order to stop acting on the insanity that has led to so much hate, cruelty, murder, and the mass-murder called war.
Source(s): for more.
or google-"Life+optimization+tool" or “create+self+directed+victory”