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Everyone's an expert on how to sell a house –

Everyone's an expert on how to sell a houseInman.comEven when they already have an agent, sellers sometimes go to websites where they can get free advice from other real estate agents in an attempt to get a second opinion. There are agents from all over the … I have never met a buyer who will pay a …and more »

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How do i make money from home?

Im a full time mum, but in desperate need for extra cash to help pay for more driving lessons, anyone know how i can make money from home.
Im into photography and art but id not say i was good enough even tho trained.

Posted by emma b

Read some articles on how to make money at home on this site.

How can I make money at home?

I'm a 19 year old stay at home mom. Me and my husband are not yet financially stable so can anyone tell me how I can make extra money from home. Please tell me the ways that only work for sure for sure.

Posted by Joshua c

Theres a couple different ways to work from home. Understand that each way has different income levels. I would stay away from survey's because this won't bring in enough money to support a family. It's only good for extra cash. Your next option would be to apply for a position as a telecommuter providing different services for a company. Some companies need someone to do data entry, answer calls, direct people, and a variety of other things. Obtaining one of these positions, you'd have to apply in just the same way as a traditional job. Employers pick out the best qualified position. Just because your working from home, doesn't mean it's "free" money to earn. You have to earn it. Home based jobs pay minimum wage. Your other route is starting your own home based business, either by yourself or collaborating with a corporation and have a business within a business. These are not jobs, but they do give you an opportunity to make the same amount of income as a traditional job, without all the over head expenses. The income is not guaranteed, as with all businesses, but if you work your business and apply yourself, you can far exceed any income that a job provides. But it will require some work on your part. Same amount of work as a job, but with the benefit of be able to make what you want and not have a low income wage coming in.
Http://… This has links to all sorts of working from home ways. Home based jobs, and home based businesses. Several industries to look into.
Good Luck!

How can i make legitimate money from home?

I want to know if its worth trying to make money through the internet. Can anyone advise me?

Posted by max

No matter what people tell you, there is no magic trick to earning money at home, online, or on the internet.

However, there is a trick to earning money that not everyone is aware of. And while it's not magic, it's definitely worth exploring.

Everybody has something they're good at, or enjoy enough that they can be good at with practice. The Internet is simply another medium for reaching more clients. Some things sell better on the internet, and some don't.

Find something you're good at, that you can do better than others, and sell that service or product, and you will make decent money from home.

While a lot of that is obvious, it is amazing to find people still discovering new talents with one of these work at home programs. None of these will make you wealthy if you're not already a natural at it, but a lot of them let someone try something new that they haven't tried before.

Just remember, they're in the business to make money off you, not the other way around. I'd be vary about these companies and whether they can really offer an opportunity for you, and not otherwise.

Hope this helps,

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Make Cash From Home Now

Use strategy when buying a home – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Use strategy when buying a homeRochester Democrat and ChronicleThey have placed offers — and have been beat out every time, despite making offers over asking price with no contingency on having to sell a home, Kellie Ulp notes. Multiple offers are common this year, with homes in coveted areas being bid up by …

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Buying a home with cash?

Hypothetically, if you had enough money in the bank to buy a house in full, and you chose not to take out a mortgage, what types of closing costs would you still need to pay? The closing costs I have run across have been loan-associated costs, which obviously doesn't apply if there is no loan.

Posted by Karen Smith

You would have title exam fee, home inspection fee, and recording of the deed in your name. Most of the buyer's costs are nominal when paying cash.

Turnaround time for immediate 2nd mortgage on cash-bought home?

Buying a home for cash for first time… Without banks involved for loans, how long does it take to clear the funds from borrowing against something right away? I am assuming that 80% is about the max of the appraisal that i can borrow nowadays, and no, its not a short-sale or anything odd.

…just wondering how long I will be out the total purchase price before I can get a loan against it.

I own other properties and this is the reason I am just buying outright upfront (if you are curious)

Posted by seeweed

It sounds like what you are wanting to do is purchase the house for cash, and then get a cash-out refinance loan (even though you are not refinancing an existing loan).

A loan like this would probably take just as long as a purchase money loan (30-45 days at best), because you woudl go through full underwriting, and an appraisal will be required. If this is going to be another investment property for you, you will probably only get 50% of the value in a loan. If your primary residence, then 80% would most likely be the max.

Since you will be going through just about the same process with this cash-out deal or with a purchase money loan, why not keep you cash handy and just get the purchase loan initially? Seems like a lot less work to end up at the same place.

How much money can you get off cars/homes if paying cash?

If you can pay your entire soon to be car off with cash or mortgage, then how much can you negociate off?

Say the home is selling for millions?

Posted by The Only Quest

Cash is usually not an advantage when buying a home since most folks walk in with pre-approved mortgages and the seller doesn't really care at that point whether you are paying cash or borrowing the cash (seller gets cash either way).

For a car, it may depend on whether the dealer has a sweetheart deal with a local bank in which case, the cash hurts you in the negotiating but helps you in the long run (sweetheart deals usually cost you higher interest). If there is no sweetheart deal, the cash can help shave a few hundred of the price since the dealer doesn't have to process anything, wait for you to get a loan, etc.

Earn From Home Jobs

Working Cambodian Women ‘Too Poor’ to Have Children – Independent European Daily Express

Working Cambodian Women ‘Too Poor’ to Have ChildrenIndependent European Daily Express“Women employed under FDCs for three to six months, or sometimes even one month, will not risk their job by having a baby. Usually, they choose to have an abortion…before the contract ends to ensure that the line leaders or … Very often, babies …and more »

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Questions and Answers

How to earn money from internet by doing simple home jobs is there anyone to help me?

Any one give me the real home job sites.because i searched lots of websites all are scams please help me i really want to work in my free times thank you guys.

Posted by Asm

Of course they're all scams. There's no shortage of people who want to stay in their pajamas and yet earn a good living, and, accordingly, there is no shortage of people willing to exploit that wish by promising survey "work," data entry, MLM, etc.

Just get a normal part-time job somewhere, or start your own small business. There are dozens of very good books on this on Amazon and at your local library.

What are some jobs that earn money that you can do at home?

Such as home based business, selling items off of ebay etc…
Or things that don't require doing interviews such as doing a newspaper route, or being a poll clerk when there is an election etc.

Posted by Very Very.

I tried over 15 opportunities in the course of 2 years so I have some great information for you plus a list of top 10 work at home scams!

I am a mother of two little girls who are actually tugging on my arm as I write this so I will try to be brief. Many people are looking for work from home companies. All the scams definitely create a big problem but also, there is a problem of people misunderstanding the difference between work from home "jobs" and work from home opportunities. There really are not work from home “jobs”. To get that you have to start working for a company in their offices first, then they MAY allow you to take the job home.

Most of the work from home opportunities that are legitimate offers are not an hourly pay type job. They are business opportunities that help you in starting your own business from your home. What you should do first is to decide if you are simply looking for an hourly rate type job or if you are looking for more of an opportunity for additional income such as what you would make in your own business being your own boss from home. Small home businesses have some small costs involved, less than $500 to start is reasonable and I would stay away from those wanting $1000-$5000. It doesn’t cost that much to start and run a home business so you shouldn’t pay it.

If you are coming across places that say free then I would RUN don’t walk the other way! They never are. I tried them many a times and 3 weeks later I had to buy this and 6 weeks later that. After 6 months these “free businesses” had cost me over $800 on average.

After trying 15 things I now work about 18-25 hours per week for a National Medical Healthcare Company. This is a nationally known and reputable home business which is what you need to make sure you are looking for. I have been with the company almost a year and a half now and I make over $4500 a month! In your first month, depending on how many hours you can work, I have seen people make anywhere from $500 to over $2500. And your income will increase each month because you get paid residual income as well.

The best part is they have 401(k), direct deposit, life insurance and a benefits package most of which you get from day one. In addition, there are no products, no hard selling or pushing, no cold calling, no home parties and no telemarketing! That was VERY important to me. I absolutely love working with them and I can't believe I am making what I am making and in so few hours per week. The neat thing is there are other people on your team that you work with so you are never alone. You have great team support and you get to know the other people on your team pretty well.

I was a bit apprehensive at first because I know a lot of companies are not legit but this company is the number one National Medical Benefits Company in the US. They are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Dental Plans and the owner of the company actually sits on the board of The Consumer Health Alliance to which we are also members. Also they were featured in “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal” “Time Magazine” “American Medical Review” and even in the May 2008 issue of “Parents Magazine”. Even “60 Minutes” did a big special on this home based business.

Even more then all this is they are accepted at over 100,000 retailers nationwide. These are fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, K-mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-mart, Publix and more. These companies would never work with a company that was anything less than reputable.

You can research the company at


10. Craft Assembly

9. Medical Billing

8. Email/Rebate Processing

7. "A List of Companies Looking for Home workers!"

6. "Just pay for and take this class first” Then we’ll give or find you a job!

5. Typing At Home / Data Entry

4. "Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!"

3. Pyramid Schemes (this is NOT the same as Multi-Level Marketing MLM)

2. Chain Letters/Emails ("Make Money Fast")

1. Envelope Stuffing

Please beware of these scams. There are some legit home businesses out there so be careful. Look for companies in business over 10 years. Look for companies with a needed product or service, something you would be proud to represent. Look for companies that have a national reputation and are members of the US Chamber of Commerce.

As for those of you who say…..”I want to work from home but I don’t want to have to pay for anything”. Well, that’s great! But it will never happen. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If it is a true honest home business you need to expect to pay. Mr. Walt Disney didn’t start the Disney empire “without paying for anything”. Neither did Mr. Sam Walton, owner of Wal-Mart.

If you want to learn about REAL home businesses visit:

Good luck to you in your search. A.

A true at home job that will earn an honest income?

I'm Looking for a true at home job. I have seartch the net to find nothing but scams and promeses of false hope. Survay sites and all. I even tried one that had something to do with sending me a box via ups full of ledders and a list of address that i would pack, address and mail. Tho the box never showed, Instead i get lots of "scam mail" to my home mail box.

If you are aware of an honest at home job that will earn an honest income areply would be wondefull.

Posted by

Well, there are many variations and ways to earn money online, and it really depends on how much you want to earn, with some things the harder you work the more you earn, with others it is just blah. It also depends on how much information of yourself you are wanting to allow to the companies who hire you and what type of work you are doing. Which ever route you choose, remember this, check them out with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if they are at least listed there, then you have something to go on. Also, when you find links to companies you are questioning about, always after checking out with the BBB go to google or search engine of your choice and type in the name of the web site and then the words "web site review" if that does not turn up something then type in their company name and type in company review, and you will be surprised at the information you can come up with to find out whether or not a company is legit. Always, always, and always read the fine print, check each companies privacy policy, and their terms and conditions, do not skimp them, read them, these are important and can allow power to go where you do not want it, in other words, the site might look good, but if they sell your information to third or affiliated parties for advertising purposes then you are riddled with more spam. You can work on your own hobbies and crafts, sell them at flea markets, most flea markets have a free day where they let you set up a booth for free, you can sell your stuff on ebay,, e.t.c., you can look for local data entry jobs online, search through the businesses registered with the BBB, they have a search page where you can look for online companies that are registered with them and relevant to your category of choice. You can make money for your opinions also through legitimate online market research, just like for taking surveys in the mall, you can make a good income supplement this way on the side, this is what I do, and without it I would be barely making it by, it was hard for me to find all of the companies I am signed up with and like you I was afraid of scams but fortunately I knew what to look out for and was able to research and find the best. Anyhow, if you are interested in that, I have a list on my blog, which you can find by looking into my other answers about paid surveys or online jobs. Best of luck to you.
Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

Earn From Home Without Investment

Capitalism is built on aspiration for 'Swarga' – Economic Times

Economic TimesCapitalism is built on aspiration for 'Swarga'Economic TimesSo interest earned from lending money or renting out property, dividends earned from investing in a business, money made by selling shares when stock market soars is all capital. … He too is associated with Lakshmi but he earns her through effort …

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How can i earn more money in home without any investment ?

Posted by S Kumar

Create a blogger account and create a ineteresting blog whome people will see alover the world.
Then create a google adsense account and enable MONETIZE section of the blog. As well as the people will start checking ads, it will start showing earning for you.
And as the earning will reach $100, you will get a check from adsense.

How to earn money from home ? Like data entry, form filling online, without investment.?

Computer, internet.

Posted by Sriram

You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from brick and mortar companies.

You want to send your resume out to companies hiring for positions you are qualified for, but include in your resume that you have a home office and you wish to work remotely. Include how you have your home office set up and what equipment you already have in order for you to perform your job.

These jobs are just going to advertised as jobs, they would not promote them as "work at home" because they would hear from too many unqualified people.

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Earn From Home in USA

Players on the US World Cup team: – Huffington Post

Players on the US World Cup team:Huffington PostMade debut with Hertha Berlin in 2012-13, helping earn promotion to the Bundesliga, and scored in his Bundesliga debut against Eintracht Frankfurt last Aug. 10. … Missed …. Reggae Boyz was in his home stadium, Sporting Park; the goal vs. Panama …

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How can I earn being sitting at home itself?

I want to earn without moving out and without investing large amount. I have PC and 24 hrs internet available which I can use according to my will…..

Posted by great philosopher

People are mainly interested in getting such home based jobs thru internet which r free. Such free jobs are available only for the residents of USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

What I hv experienced is that those companies dont pay to residents of India. If the residents of India r really interested in getting home based job thru internet, they will hv to pay for Registration fee or other charges.

There are many genuine BPO companies in India which are doing this work and when they gave free job, people worked with such sense of irresponsibility that it increased the workload of the companies instead of decreasing it. Some companies went into losses and they had to pull down their shutters just because of the irresponsible attitude of the people. Some had to go into litigation also. Home based jobs thru internet are time bound and accuracy based jobs. The companies could not complete the jobs of their suppliers in time and the accuracy they gave was also below acceptable standard.

So they started charging fee to see the genuineness of the person in doing the job. Moreover, when a person's own money is at stake, he works with more responsibility and conscious state of mind. Forget about getting free home based job thru internet which really pays u if u r a resident of India. Now people in India keep on searching free home based jobs thru internet and their search never ends. I hope this helps u better in understanding the whole scenerio now.

Do domestic pilots get to go home after each day of flying and if not how many days do they stay home?

SO if a domestic pilot goes home after each day of flying how many days do they get off and also how long do international pilots work and stay home and which one earns more.

Posted by Kelvin Mii

In the USA, the answer is they rarely get home every night. That would be extremely unusual except perhaps at a very small regional airline. An average domestic airline pilot spends about half their time away from home. Typically 3 to 4 nights a week or 14-18 nights a month. An international pilot spends slightly less time away from home, maybe 10 to 15 days a month. Pay is a matter of seniority (length of employment), and it often takes years to get enough seniority to bid for the international routes if a given airline flies both international and domestic. I have one friend who has been with a major airline for nearly 10 years and still hasn't had an opportunity to bid internationally yet.

I have finished 12std.want to earn sitting at home.plzz give me suggestions?

I have finished 12std &iam in 1st sem ,biotech.iam not that well worst in subjects 2 take tutions.if iam able 2 earn 400-500Rs/month,its enough.i stay at mysore. I won't be let to work plzz suggest me some easy jobs.

Posted by ramya s

People are mainly interested in getting such home based jobs thru internet which r free. Such free jobs are available only for the residents of USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

What I hv experienced is that those companies dont pay to residents of India. If the residents of India r really interested in getting home based job thru internet, they will hv to pay for Registration fee or other charges.

There are many genuine BPO companies in India which are doing this work and when they gave free job, people worked with such sense of irresponsibility that it increased the workload of the companies instead of decreasing it. Some companies went into losses and they had to pull down their shutters just because of the irresponsible attitude of the people. Some had to go into litigation also. Home based jobs thru internet are time bound and accuracy based jobs. The companies could not complete the jobs of their suppliers in time and the accuracy they gave was also below acceptable standard.

So they started charging fee to see the genuineness of the person in doing the job. Moreover, when a person's own money is at stake, he works with more responsibility and conscious state of mind. Forget about getting free home based job thru internet which really pays u if u r a resident of India. Now people in India keep on searching free home based jobs thru internet and their search never ends. I hope this helps u better in understanding the whole scenerio now.

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Easy Earn From Home Online

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This week in reality TV – Sault Star

This week in reality TVSault StarThe top 30 home cooks in America were chosen and made it to the MasterChef kitchen, but they still had to earn their coveted white apron. The chefs were given one hour to create their signature dish while the judges looked on, pulling people from the …

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Job less and Home less ……..?

Im 21 years of age and recently last year gave up my job to be a full time mother, my daughter died earlier this year! And now i dont have no job to go back to so am on job seekers allowence, i currently live with friends but there moving abroad in 2weeks, and ive got no were else to go and going out my mind as ill be homeless … Not to really sure what im asking on here just abit of advice of shelters, or hostles or something i live in biggleswade atm xx.

Posted by Zarah westie

Now you can earn money easy from Home base jobs,Here now A lot of online jobs, some like summer jobs , Data entry , and Other types of online-jobs from where you can easy earn money ,You can earn $ 200-$1000 from this online program ,, and Many companies provides to serf their online task by sitting at home ,, Now best of luck,

Here a many types of website from where you can find jobs opportunities

For data Entry Jobs seeks: Http://
Good bye

How can i earn online from home?

Please do not mention anything that requires a registration fee or something like that.

Posted by Fida

This job is for 100% free!

1. You just need to create account on this site: Http://…
2. Follow the instructions on the home page. Answer all their questions and they will pay you for it. Questions ranges from $1-$25.
3. If you don't have account on paypal click the URL below. Creating an account in paypal is for free. You just need to have existing debit card like BPI, BDO, EON, Mastercard and so on. Paypal will directly deposit your profit on your cards. Here's the URL:
4. That's it! So easy and can be done on your vacant hours. Happy earnings!

Please give me a genuine and easy way to earn online from home, No MLM please prefer no investment.?

I can do data entry too, and i need to make good money as soon as possible!

Posted by Rashmirekha D

You are probably going to have to do it as a business owner, rather than as an employee. There are no online work-at-home "jobs".

When you apply for a job offline, in the bricks and mortar world, do you have to pay anything? Of course not. It should be the same in the online world. If you are asked to pay any money, at best, it is a business opportunity, but more likely it is just a scam.

Be very careful that you don't get scammed.

I do affiliate marketing online. I've been doing it for a year and I'm getting ready to quit my regular job. It takes dedicated work, decent organizational skills, and persistence, but you can make a living at it if you stick with it.

But that is a business.

If you want something easy, with no investment, you could probably make $500 to $1000 per month getting paid by companies to write postings on blogs about their products. That's about the only legitimate way that I know of to earn money online without any investment.

Earn From Home in India

Bangladesh considers export of arms, ammunitions – Khabar South Asia

Khabar South AsiaBangladesh considers export of arms, ammunitionsKhabar South AsiaIf granted, Bangladesh would become the third South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) member (after India and Pakistan) to export arms. "We've been importing arms for quite a long time. Now we're trying to assess how much could we …

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From where can I get typing job (work from home India)?

I want to work from home from India as a typist. Please help me to know how can I get such work?

Posted by rkG

Earn Rs.900 to Rs.1250 Per survey
Earn From Rs.90 To Rs.250 Per Survey

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I have Earned Rs.500 within 10 min and still i can earn more by just doing simple online work. I spend only 30 min a day. You can also do this job. Just click Http:// . And Register FREE

Want to earn money from home in India. Any suggestions?

Posted by sarita7bansal


While I am browsing the Internet, I have found an Interesting website which gives us an Excellent opportunity to earn Money in a smart and simple way. This system is 100% legal and 1000% successful. This is not a Scam or Fraud way of making Money. This system of making money is very simple than any other system in the Internet. You can see the result in less than 10 days. This system had already made many Millionaires in India. Why not you be the next Millionaire ?
I have already joined and getting good money. To know more about this opportunity visit :


How can I earn from home sitting at KOlkata,INDIA?

With computer and internet connection pl. Advice genuine 9one.

Posted by nandi n

You cant only if you open a business like Internet cafe or take some back office job and pls get out of the Bengali tendency of home sickness, only then you will progress.

The Secret Millionaire Society

Earn From Home Philippines

AirAsia funds reconstruction and livelihood projects in 'Yolanda' areas –

AirAsia funds reconstruction and livelihood projects in 'Yolanda' areasInquirer.netThe PRC requires home recipients to undergo a compulsory Participatory Approach on Safe Shelter Awareness training, while Habitat for Humanity's program covers disaster awareness and skills training. Beneficiaries of the PRC homes will be selected …

Questions and Answers

Does the Philippines tax non-resident foreigners on their foreign income?

I can't seem to find much information on whether or not a foreigner living in the Philippines with tourist status has to worry about filing a tax return here. Are foreigners who are in a "non-resident" status get taxed on their foreign-earned income or bank account balance by the Philippines gov't?

Posted by Steven Graham

Non-resident foreigners are taxed in the Philippines only on Philippine sourced income. However, the situs rules adopted in the Philippines may be different compared to the situs rules in your home country.

Please check this article to give you a better understanding of the rules- Http://…



How can i earn money easily in the internet in the philippines?

I need your help guys…comments,suggestions or any help you can give surely will help me…thanks….

Posted by chris

Look at my profile, and visit the site under "about me"…sign up there….here is some information about the site:
This is a site from which you are given the chance to earn money. What you have to do is complete surveys and offers for companies that want the public's opinion. By doing this, you are able to earn money very easily for simply giving your opinion or trying out sample products. This is a great service that allows one to work from home, on their spare time, at their leisure, and still bring in a nice sum of money every month. People have made up to $1000 easily on this site by just working on it in their spare time. It is not going to replace a real job's salary, but it is a very nice bonus. There are also many features on this web site, such as contests and special surveys, from which you can redeem extra prizes that would be sent to you with your monthly cheque, such as iPods, Xbox 360s, PSPs, digital cameras, gift certificates, and much more.
Cheques are sent monthly, and usually arrive about a week or a week and a half into the next month. No payment from you is ever required, not to sign up, not EVER. Unlike other sites that try to scam people out of their money, this site never requires you to pay them.
"If the site doesn't get paid from me, then why would they have this service going?" – The site doesn't get paid directly from you, but when you complete an offer or survey, they also get paid a small portion of what you earned yourself. For example, if you complete a survey about computers let's say, you would earn maybe $2 and the web site itself would recieve $0.50 from the company also for getting you to complete the survey. These surveys take little time at all, most taking up less than even 1 or 2 minutes of your time.
Fraud is also a big deal on the Internet these days, and this site recognizes that. That is why they ask for ONLY three bits of information: Your name, email address and your home address. Yup, that is all. No credit card information, no banking information, nothing like that. All they require is your name and address so that your cheque can be sent to your home every month. Your email address is only required to confirm that you have done the offers and surveys. Fortunately, no spam mail or junk mail is ever sent out by this site and your information is never shared with any other company.
Personally I have been a member of this website, along with thousands of other satisfied users, for approximately 1.5 years now and have earned well over $9100 by working in my spare time. This web site has been great to me, also the members and administrator are very friendly, and are always there to help you with a question or problem you may be having. So far, I've listed only positives about this site, because I can't think of a single negative thing about it. Earn money in your spare time, at no cost to you…Easy as that!

Where can i find a work home earn money job here in philippines?

Posted by jhay_718

I am not trying to Spam but here are the invitations to some of the websites that I legitimately use to earn extra cash online, after all, I am a poor college student.

-> is unique from other companies because their patented referral program pays you an average of $2.00 for every survey your referrals complete and an average of $1.00 for every survey their referrals complete. This is cash you can earn regardless of whether or not you complete any surveys.

To sign up, go to Https://….

-> is another survey site. This company gives you gift cards to major retailers (Starbucks, Target, Amazon, iTunes, and more) just for taking their online surveys. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and they don't share your personal information or send you spam of any kind. Pretty cool.

Click here to view this site: Http://

-> Inbox Dollars is a website that pays you to read emails, take surveys, and to complete other offers.

Go to Http:// in order to sign up.

->Hits4Pay is a website that pays you to read messages and email.

Go to Http://… in order to sign up.

There are also some websites where you can submit your digital photographs and if someone downloads your photo, then you earn money.

->ShutterStock is a website that has thousands of high quality digital photographs that subscribing members can download. For each download of your submitted photography, you earn a commission. You also can earn referral commissions.

To try this out, go to Http://…

Give these a try to make some extra money, it adds up over time. Good luck!


Fast Money Options

10 Financial Decisions You Can't Keep Putting Off (wisebread)

The financial decisions you make today will affect your future — often in a big way. But with every other thing you have going on, it can be hard to sit down and tackle some important financial issues. And when you do finally find the time, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices and information. It's no wonder so many of us just avoid the topic altogether.
But if you're looking to build a firm financial foundation, you can't put it off. Here are 10 decisions you need to make.
## 1. What Is the Best Way to Pay Off Debt?
Getting rid of credit card balances, student loans, and other types of loans can put your money on the right path. However, deciding which debt to tackle first can be tricky.
There are no hard-and-fast rules; therefore, you have to take an approach that works best for you. Some financial experts recommend paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first, whereas others recommend tackling the smallest balance first. (See also: Which Debt Reduction Plan is Right for You?)
For example, if you're deciding whether to pay off a credit card or …

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Council OKs land swap that clears way for possible parking garage – Newark Post

Council OKs land swap that clears way for possible parking garageNewark PostMoney to do so would likely come from the city's parking fund and user fees. Several … “It's going a little fast for me,” he said. “I want to … Councilman Luke Chapman said it is important for the city to obtain the land, even if only to have …

Questions and Answers

I need money fast!?

I moved to a new town about a year ago to finish my college degree. Unfortunately, the job market is so bad here that I have been unemployed since April! I applied for a few jobs but it seems as though no one is hiring. What can I do to make fast money so I can move?

Posted by Debra J

Don't hold any standards as to where you would LIKE to work. If you do, that'll severely limit your options. Retail and fast food are better alternatives to what you have now – nothing.

When I moved to the city I'm living in now, it seemed like no one was hiring, either, and I lost count of the places I applied to. So out of desperation I applied at WalMart and got a job there. When a better job opportunity came around I quit Wallyworld and started with my new job and I still work there!

Also, I donate plasma for extra cash. If you can, that's a pretty good way to make some quick money (I can get $260 per month on scheduled appointments alone – extras like getting a tetanus booster give me more).

Fast money?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

What can I do to make fast money? I'm going to a party on saturday and we have to buy our own "juice". I have no job and no money. What's a fast way to make some money?

Posted by

Here's how I usually make a quick buck when I'm short on cash and have a big party coming up.

Now, this only works if you have a bunch of 24 carat gold bricks in a safe in the basement of your house. If that's not the case, you may have to pursue other options than this. However, if you're in the same boat as me, read on!

So basically, when I'm out of cash, but know I'm going to get wicked drunk in a few days off Mike's Hard Lemonade and Kahlua shooters, I go down to the basement and spin the dial on the safe so that the three numbers I stop on make the little latch thing go "click," causing the safe to open. That part is really crucial, because if you don't do it, it's impossible to get the gold bricks out.

OK, now you're in. The hard part is over! Take out one of the gold bricks, and then shut the safe back. Run back up the stairs, out the door, and into your car. Usually when I do this, I'm giggling like a little jackal because I know the grocery is about to sell the F out of some Mike's Hard Lemonade to yours truly.

So then just take the gold brick to one of those "We Buy Gold" places. Depending on how big the brick is, you can usually get several thousand bucks. PaRtY tImE dUdE!!!!

I want money???

How can i get money. I have $24.
And i have a $10 alowence.
Thats not enough. And i'm not gonna ask for a raise.
No one in my house works any more.
My dad stopped working 6 years ago and my mom's been off from work for like 4 weeks cuz she broke her arm.
But she gets like half of what she makes now. Its weird.

But i cant get a job around where i live (i'm not poor)
i'm just young with no money.
I live in NY. So the only option i have is baby sitting and fast food. Both options are gross. I'd rather work in retail.
And i don't wanna work online. I don't trust that.
And i'm not a peoples person either.

Is there hope for me?

ohh yeah i'm 14.

Posted by Miss Britney Spears

As far as babysitting and fast food being gross. I bet you eat fast food don't you? Someone has to work there and the ones that do get paid for it. They probably would not hire you anyway you have to be at least interested in working . And babysitting with that attitude i wouldn't let you keep my kids. So set yourself up a lemonade aide stand because that's all you will get at 14. You should be grat full for what you have. Your parents sound much to giving to a 14 yo. My daughter works at a fast food and gets her own check and never has to ask me for money. I freely give her what I want to.…


Binary Options Scam

Binary Matrix Pro

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The Wealthy Trader Review | Scam or Not ? – Scam Product Release? – Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

The Wealthy Trader Review | Scam or Not ? – Scam Product Release?Waterloo Cedar Falls CourierWealthy Trader or The Wealthy Trader is a new trading software that helps users with binary options. Wealthy Trader software main function is to watch closely over the market and look for profitable binary options trades. When there is a profitable …and more »

Questions and Answers

Does binary trading work?

Does anyone have any experience in the world of binary trading? If so can anyone tell me if it is a viable way to secure an income stream or just a scam?

Posted by Sam

Binary options trading.
The new new for the Forex Scam

Forex scams became old, and the news got out.
So now, they are using binary options.

What are Binary Options?

I need an easy to understand explanation as to how trading binary options works. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Pat

Binary options are a UK scam now being marketed to US novices.

Binary options are NOT an investment, just silly amateur speculation. Wide spreads. Mostly unregulated. No professional investor would ever waste time on such nonsense.

Do not deal with any unregulated firm! If you're going to do something dumb, at least try to protect yourself from theft.

UK: Only deal with firms registered with the FSA
US: Check any firm with the CFTC.

60 seconds binary option?

i am wondering is the trade rush or any 60 seconds binary option sites a safe and reliable site for making money online ?
Because we can make a lots of money in short amount of time
and what benefit it has for the trade rush site ?

Posted by Saeed Delshad

Binary options are a long time UK scam now being targeted at US and Canadian novices. This is not investing, just silly speculation at horrible odds. You will lose.

Never deal with an unregulated firm.

A check of the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) site shows no US firms registered for such business, including the one you found.

One firm that promotes itself heavily, Banc de Binary, is listed in a "Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities" warning in the SEC link below.

The firm makes money by quoting bad odds so you lose and it wins. With a 90% payout for wins, your have an expected loss of 5% per trade. At 80% payout, you lose 10% per trade. A casino would give you better odds and free drinks.

The Secret Millionaire Society…